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1.10.09 black puppies was born!
3 boys and 1 girl


Our Diaz (Holan Hardbeard A La No'rvege) is now NORVEGIAN CHAMPION!!

K-Litter is sold
K-Litter was born!!!

24.06.09 was born 1 girl and 1 boy!

27.06.09 International Show ,Parnu

Holan Hardbeard Fortuna Ex,BJF2,BF4
Holan Hardbeard Caramell Ex,CC2
Holan Hardbeard Art Stile VG
Holan Hardbeard Avalanche Ex AC2
Cennel Holan Hardbeard EX
06.06.09.Spetsiality Show for schnauzers,Tallinn

Holan Hardbeard Fortuna Ex,BJ1,JSert,BF3,JBIS 1!!!
Holan Hardbeard Lady Miracle Ex,JBF1,JSert,BF2.
Holan Hardbeard Mister Luck Ex,JBM2,BM3
Holan Hardbeard Art Stile Vg
WE ARE WAITING PUPPIES from following combinatsion:

sire JEuroW 08, JPol CH, JHunCH, JPOL Club CH, LTW09
Eternal Gambler Step By Step (photo)

Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam

more info
Pappies are expected in the end of June 2009!
18.04 09 National show , Rakvere (Estonia) judge Igoris Zizevskis
Holan Hardbeard Fortuna - exl , JBF 3
Holan Hardbeard Mister Luck - exl, BJ 3

04.04.09 National Show in Riga ,
Holan Hardbeard Fortuna- exl, JCAC,BF1 ,BOS!
Holan Hardbeard Mister Luck-exl ,JBM3 !

for Lone Gjerdalen and Rutt (Holan Hardbeard Artistic Vision,kennel Gregorius) with very good show start and first CAC !!!

19.06.08 We have a puppies!White minis
3 males and 1 female! Info

(sire -Fin JW o7 Credulous Dream Catcher (33 sm)
dam -EstVCh,LVch,LTch,Polch,Baltch Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam (34sm)

Puppies photoalbum

National Dog Shows in Tromsoe (Nor) 31.05.08 judge
Hans Van Den Berg, NL

Holan Hardbeard A La Norve`ge -
Ex, BOB, Sert

1.06.08 judge
Ove Germundsson,S
Holan Hardbeard A La Norve`ge - Ex, BOB, Sert, BIG 4!!!

for owner Jannie B.Gronning (Nor)!!!

1.06.08 CONGRADS!!!
Speciality Show for Schnauzers and Pinchers, Tallinn, judge F.Machauer (Ger)

Holan Hardbeard Avalanche - EX,Jun BB 3 (ow. Jalo Mauritz Laine)
Holan Hardbeard Art Style - EX,Jun BM 3 (ow. Külli Viira)
Holan Hardbeard Fortuna - Ex puppy, BIS 2 puppy! (ow O.Tsildermanis)

Holan Hardbeard
Show must Go On

is now INTR CH and The Best white male 2007 in Finland!

Congradulations Maimu Strang (kennel D´Arne)!!!

We have a black puppies in our kennel!
Puppies were born 03.01.2008:
4 females - are sold, 2 males - to sell.

Puppies photoalbum

We have a black puppies in our kennel!
Puppies were born 03.01.2008 (4 females, 2 males)

Tartu International Dog Show 4.11.07 (Estonia) judge Petter Fodstad (Norwey):
Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam - EX, BB 1, VSP
Holan Hardbeard Caramell -EX, BB 1, BOB
Holan Hardbeard A la Norvege - EX, Best puppy
Panevezis (LItuania) National Show 30.09.07
Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam - EX, BB 1, CAC, VSP, LT Ch,Balt Ch !!
Holan Hardbeard Caramell - EX, BB 2, CAC
15.09.07 National Show in Ventspils (Latvia).
Holan Hardbeard Evidence - EX1. BB1, BOB, SERT, BIG1, BIS 4!!!
8.09.07 Speciality show for Shnauzers in Riga - judge Ligita Zaki (Latvia)
Holan Hard.Sun Beam - Ex3, Sert, Lat CH
Holan Hard. Caramell - Ex2, Sert, Lat CH
19.08.07 Speciality show for Shnauzers and Pinschers in Tallinn, judge Anneli Alfthan (Finland)
Holan Hard. Sun Beam - Ex1,BOB
Holan Hardbeard Caramell - Ex 1,BB 2
Holan Hardbeard Evidence - Ex1,BB 1,BOB
Holan Hardbeard A la Norvege - BOB Beeby, BIS beeby 1!!!
Holan Hardbeard Artistic Vision - BOS Beeby
3.06.07 Tallinn. ISPU club spetsial Show - judge A.Lundava-Aas (Estonia).
Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam - Exc, BOB, ISPUsgCAC, BIS 3!
2.06.07 Tallinn. International Dog Show "Winner 07" - judge I.Poletajeva (Finland)
Holan Hardbeard Sun Beam - Exc, R CACIB
Happy New Year!
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